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Vehicle Shipping

Vehicle Shipping is a process that is relatively easy for a client –  an auto transport company arranges and schedules car shipping. The main thing a client does is waiting. But still, it is not it, and you have to prepare yourself and your vehicle for pick-up and delivery. It is better to know what you have to do and what to expect so you won’t end up stressing and losing time or even money.

Prepare for Vehicle Shipping

Vehicle Shipping

So, you are planning San Jose Auto Shipping. What should you do after you have booked your order? You need to take care of your vehicle before a car carrier comes to pick it up. You have to clean it, both interior and exterior, make sure it rolls, breaks and steers and check if there is any existing damage. Also, You and the carrier will inspect the car at the moment of pick-up. If there are any loose parts or accessories, you need to secure them or, if possible, remove them. If they cause any damage to your car or other cars, the carrier’s insurance will not cover it. Also, there should not be any items inside of the vehicle, because they will not be insured as well. If anything happens to them, it’s not the carrier’s responsibility.

When San Jose Vehicle Shipping is in the process, you only have to be patient and wait. Don’t worry, if it feels too long or if there is a delay, it doesn’t mean the company is scamming you. A lot of things affect the time of San Jose Car Shipping – traffic, weather, road work, and even a truck’s breakdown.

At the moment of delivery, you have to have your payment ready. It must be cash, a cashier’s check or money order. Car movers don’t accept personal checks because if there’s something wrong with the check, they can be on the opposite side of the country when they find out. So when you know your San Jose Auto Shipping will be done soon, have the right type of payment in handy.

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