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Privacy Policy for San Jose Car Transport

Privacy Policy

On this page, you can find privacy practices for the website This privacy policy applies solely to the information presented on and gathered through the website. The privacy policy can change at any moment without notice.

Sharing, collection, and use of information

We collect some information through the website through a secured network and software system linked to the safest processing system,, in order to provide a client with an accurate quote. We never share this information with any third parties nor do we ever sell it.

The information we require in our contact form is:

  1. Contact information, such as email address and a phone number, so we can reach our client.
  2. The locations for pick-up and delivery (city or zip-code)
  3. The year, make and model of the vehicle along with its condition

This information is sent to San Jose Car Transport’s supervisor’s email. Its purpose is solely for estimating the price after. We guarantee full safety for the information you share through the website.

No financial information is collected through the website and no payments are processed through Our company gathers payment information such as credit cards info solely by email, fax, or phone.

Our web team keeps the website’s security up to date installing all the required updates and preventing any unauthorized access. At San Jose Car Transport we care a lot about our clients’ privacy and do our best to keep it protected.

We make sure the content on the website is relevant and up to date to keep our clients informed about our San Jose Auto Shipping services and car transport industry in general. The content on the website cannot be copied and used without our permission. The content can change at any moment without any given notice.