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San Jose Car Transport Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

At San Jose Car Transport we are always happy to get feedback from our customers. It helps us understand how satisfied our customers are with our services and see what we can do to make our San Jose Car Shipping even better. Customer reviews are important for every business, for both service providers to see what they can improve, and clients to decide if the company is reliable or not.

We are thankful to our clients who have shared their customer reviews about our San Jose Auto Shipping services with us.

Here you can read some of our Customer Reviews:

John L.

I needed to ship my classic Mustang from San Jose to Phoenix. I love this car, so I wanted to make sure everything would go perfect. And it did with San Jose Car Transport! I chose to ship enclosed, which was a pricier option, but you always get what you pay for, right? So it all went well, no delays or anything. If I need to ship my Mustang again, I will not hesitate to have San Jose Car Transport do it for me.

Tommy F.

My family and I just moved to California from the East Coast. We had two cars we needed to ship (mine and my wife’s) and after some online research we decided to go with San Jose Auto Shipping. We booked open auto shipping and they had both of our cars transported with the same carrier. Our cars arrived a day later after the estimated date (something happened to the truck) but the guys from San Jose Car Transport let us know quickly and it was alright. The driver also seemed really professional. Overall, it was a good experience.

Amy G.

I was so nervous about my move, especially about shipping my car! I was relocating from Seattle to San Jose due to my work and I had a really right time frame to do everything. San Jose Car Transport was great, they delivered my car right on time! I’d recommend this company to everyone who needs to move a vehicle.