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Car Shipping

Car shipping is what many of us go through when we relocate or in any other situation when there is a need to move a vehicle. You may have heard some scary stories about this complicated, lengthy and nerve-wracking process from people who have shipped with unreliable auto transport companies. But you don’t have to worry, because if you are shipping with a good company, car transport is going to be fairly simple for you.

Car Shipping with San Jose Car Transport

Car Shipping

As one of the leading auto shipping providers, San Jose Car Transport knows how to take care of a vehicle in the process of moving. You can trust our team with the safety of your vehicle which we will deliver door-to-door. That means that we will transport it as close from the place you ship to the place of your choice.  As some places are not accessible for the car carriers, sometimes we pick up or drop off at locations like parking lots that are near to the original point of origin/destination. Remember, that you or your friend or relative must be present at the time of pick-up/drop off.

We will choose the time frame for you San Jose Car Shipping that works best for you. We will give you a pickup-window (1-4 days) but we will do our best to pick up and ship on the date that fits your schedule perfectly.

While in transit, your vehicle is under full insurance by our carrier’s insurance, so you don’t have to worry about anything. When we ship your car, it’s our responsibility, and we know how to provide exceptional San Jose Auto Transport.

We can also ship inoperable vehicles, although it will be a little more expensive as special equipment is needed to load and unload a non-running vehicle.

With San Jose Car Transport you will have nothing to worry about while we ship your car. We will be glad to transport for you!