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Car Haulers

Car haulers are tractors with specialized trailers used to ship cars. They can be open car carriers that have a double-decker design providing greater capacity. The open car shipping method is the most popular one, used by both manufacturers and everyday people due to its price. Another type of car hauler is an enclosed car carrier. As must be clear from the name, it has an enclosed trailer with walls. It lowers the capacity but protects vehicles from outside factors like dirt and bad weather. It also costs more, so it is usually used by luxury car owners or to ship a vehicle that has some personal significance to the owner.

Car haulers usually carry 5-9 cars. Cars are getting loaded and unloaded using ramps that can be lifted and tilted. Cars are driven up onto and off the trailer, so they use their own power. If the car is inoperable, the special equipment like winches is needed, so it also affects the price. Vehicles are secured with the use of wheel straps, chains or tie-ratchets.  The upper deck of the trailer is loaded first and is the last one to unload because when there are vehicles on the bottom ramp, it often makes it impossible to lower the top ramp.

San Jose Car Haulers

Car Haulers

If you are looking to transport a car, San Jose Car Transport will be glad to do it for you! We offer San Jose Auto Shipping all around the United States. Our standard way to ship is door-to-door, which makes it perfectly convenient for San Jose Auto Transport. We have both enclosed and open car haulers, so you can choose the option of auto transport that works better for you.

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