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Car Carriers

When you use car transport services, your vehicle is shipped by a car carrier. Car carriers are trucks with special kind of trailers that are suitable for shipping cars, driven by professional drivers who have all the required permits. Most of the trailers have built-in ramps that in use for loading and unloading vehicles. Car haulers are widely used to ship cars from the manufacturer to car dealerships. It is also very common to use auto transport services in case of relocation or buying a car out of state, as well as shipping commercial vehicles.

San Jose Car Transport Car Carriers

Car Carriers

We will be glad to assist you with San Jose Auto Shipping! Before you start the process of San Jose Car Transport, you have to know that there is more than just one type of car carrier. These types are equally safe but have their own characteristics.

First of all, there are Open Car Carriers. You have probably seen them on highways many times and they are in use by manufacturers for auto shipping. They have skeletal steel tube design which means the vehicles are at risk to weather, dirt and other outside factors. Open Car Carriers are usually double-deckers. The carrying capacity is greater, therefore it’s cheaper to ship with an open car carrier. And the latter makes it a more popular method of San Jose Auto Transport.

The second type is Enclosed Car Carrier. It means that a trailer has walls like a regular box trailer, protecting the car from any outside factors. The trailers of an enclosed car carrier have a lower capacity which makes it more expensive.

Whichever type of shipping you prefer, San Jose Car Transport will be happy to transport your vehicle. We work with both open and enclosed car carriers. Call us today to get a price for your San Jose Auto Transport services.