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Open or Enclosed Auto Transport? Experts Weigh In

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Here is an open air transportation truck.
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Do you have an upcoming move for either yourself, your family, or your company that is a several hours/days distance away from where you currently are? Have you been looking into auto transportation services to help make the move easier, but do not quite know how to get started on the process? We are here to help you understand your options a bit better and get the process started for you!

So first, you have to decide whether you want to go with open or enclosed auto transportation.

Both options are great options that protect your vehicle while in transit in different ways. They each have their own set of pros and cons that may make them more appealing or less appealing to you depending on your own specific needs for your shipping. For example, if price is an issue, you would likely be better suited to an open air transportation shipment. It offers more room when it comes to the price of the service, so you do not have to be prepared to pay an arm and a leg for your service.

Now, what is the difference between them?

Open air auto transportation is done by a truck that has a trailer behind it with bars and various other measures in place to secure a vehicle, but it is still out and on the open. There are not fully enclosed sides on the trailer. Which brings us to enclosed auto transportation, which is (you may have guessed) done by a trailer that is in fact fully enclosed. The trailer can essentially be looked at like a box on wheels in which you put your vehicle in the box.

So how do I decide which service is best for me?

Well, aside from price, there are a few other factors that may help you choose. For example, if you have multiple vehicles you want to ship together, open air transportation will be better for you, as it allows you to ship several vehicles all at once on a trailer. Enclosed auto transportation limits you to one vehicle per trailer. With that said, enclosed auto transportation does provide an additional level of safety and protection. While our open air transportation is still incredibly safe, your car is still fully exposed to the outside world while it is being shipped. Enclosed auto transportation keeps your car inside the whole time, so if you have a car that you want to look untouched and pristine, this would be the best choice for you.

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