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New Lawsuit Prompts A Push For More Government Transparency

You are currently viewing New Lawsuit Prompts A Push For More Government Transparency
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Just because California is known as the best blue state around, doesn’t quite signify that the government officials are innocent of any sort of minor treason. In actuality, government officials are using personal texts and personal email accounts, just to relay information having to do public business. Meanwhile, the messages that don’t usually get to be exposed, since public agencies can’t quite access personal accounts.

As of recent, the State Senator Dave Cortese had intro’d a bill which would need public officials to move forth on communications on personal accounts and devices which may deal with any public businesses towards an official channel. Of course. there’s a record of the messages that will be totally accessibly, if the bill gets approved into law. This all originally came from a lawsuit made by the San Jose Spotlight versus the city and the previous mayor in power.

As it’s known, Senate Bill 908 will be applicable to all officials in California in both local and state offices.

The lawmakers bill would arrive after the city had faced controversy and legal trouble for the second in six years, in regards to misuse of private email and texts in order to avoid disclosure.

National headlines were created from the whole kerfuffle. The case that had been filed in 2009 went straight to the California Supreme Court that had created a landmark determination in 2017, where communications on personal accounts that would deal with city business.

The high court had made a suggestion that the officials utilize a government server which would be required for communications about public business.

It might be for the best, as the SB 908 could effectively make a statewide process that could preserve records from personal accounts while ensuring the agencies can access the records and complying with the law.

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