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Former Mayor Liccardo Throws Name In For Congressional Run

You are currently viewing Former Mayor Liccardo Throws Name In For Congressional Run
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Well, everyone better head to the ballots, because if you don’t want to see him in Congress, Former San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo may very well make it to Congress. As of Thursday, Liccardo filed the official paperwork so he could have a chance to make a real difference.

Honestly, I’m all for Liccardo getting his time to shine!

Of course, it’s an important race for to claim the emptied seat of the United States representative, Anna Eshoo.

Eshoo’s hanging the towel, after 30 plus years of service in Congress, at the ripe old age of 80.

Of course, her term would be wrapped up in January 2025 as she was elected again in 2022. It’s a seat that would span from the Peninsula to San Jose, Los Gatos and beyond.

Liccardo himself is interested to lessen the crime sprees and keeping residents safe from the upwards cost of livelihood. Of course, it’s a likelihood that he’ll pull out before the deadline.

Of course, the bid for Congress is still up for grabs. When he was leaving office, Liccardo was a lecturer at Stanford Law School. As of recent, the man has actually also given counsel for California civic initiatives from the Ground Floor Public Affairs.

Congress is important to keep a handle of, for the Democrats, given the current polarization of the political climate.

It would behoove California to show those Republicans who’s boss of the political sauciness around these parts!

That sort of gumption would be mighty welcome. At this juncture, only time will tell if the democrats will be foolhardy enough to resist stooping to new lows.

With such a pursuit of professionalism, how can’t you be interested to want to change the world, one career win at a time? It’s a glorious time to run, and for the sake of his fellow San Joseans, we hope that he does.

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