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New Bill in CA to Make Car Break-Ins Easier to Prosecute

You are currently viewing New Bill in CA to Make Car Break-Ins Easier to Prosecute
We shall see what California's Gavin Newsome does with the new bill.
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A new bill has been proposed for the state of California by a state Senator, Scott Wiener. The bill would make it easier to prosecute car break-ins in the state. On a technical level, it would expand upon the definition of an auto burglary in a legal setting. Ideally, the definition would grow to include the act of entering a car by force when there is the intent to steal the car. By expanding the definition like this, a prosecutor would have the ability to charge criminals with burglary without having to worry too much about the need to prove that the car was locked. All that has to be proven is the notion that the person charged entered into a vehicle forcibly and had an intention to steal the vehicle.

Since the pandemic, car break-ins have increased in frequency.

Because of the rapidly growing number of break-ins, this marks Wiener’s third attempt at having a law passed for the matter. San Francisco has seen particularly high numbers of break-ins, already having 15,000 this year alone. The District Attorney of SF, Brooke Jenkins, is in full support of this law being passed. She explained that unless an owner of the vehicle is in court testifying that they locked the doors and there is some sort of proof to support that, the case is nearly always dismissed.

Many people have shown up in press conferences to show their support for the bill.

One person who showed up to support the bill was Sharky Laguana, the CEO of Bandago. His company is a van rental service. He spoke at the latest press conference, saying that every van in Bandago’s fleet has been broken into at least twice while in San Francisco. He continued saying one such break-in was even when he was right there, able to see everything.

Rentals tend to be commonly broken into cars. Outside of a press conference being held in a ;aw enforcement office, in which the press conference was regarding break-ins, a rental car was broken into. After that happened, in which many people did not miss the irony of the situation, many feel defeated and like they need some harsher laws to either discourage people from breaking in or provide more likelihood that they will be charged accordingly.

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