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Bird Flu Vaccines To Take Flight After Condor Outbreak

You are currently viewing Bird Flu Vaccines To Take Flight After Condor Outbreak
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A new vaccine trial have shown antibodies present in the concoction of shots, in order to show a resolve to the California outbreak of avian influenza. Otherwise known as bird flu. And the California Condors will be the first to receive the vaccines because it can offer at least partial protection for the at-risk species.

In fact, the California Condor, is so far, the only bird species that has access to the emergency-use vaccine. According to authorities, the study of the avian influenza has been initiated after deaths earlier in 2023 of about a 21-count of free-flying condors in the various areas of the Southwest.

Officials in the wildlife are fearful that the outbreak on the California condor population would eradicate any gains meant to continue rebuilding the wild population, as the vaccine is accelerated.

After a long amount of time given the recovery efforts to prevent the extinction of the iconic vulture with a 10-foot wingspan. The population as it stands includes less than 350 condors in huge flocks that go all over this side of the United States.

The bird-flu arrived in the United States in February 2022 after it crosses all over the European continent.

All while the officials in U.S. Agriculture sees last year’s cases to also be a part of this year’s cases, overall totaling out as the country’s deadliest rate ever.

Authorities in the area have been detailing the consistent presence of bird flu earlier in October as a response to the upcoming and concerning migration season. Such an outbreak is costing poultry producers right around 59 million birds all over 47 states, as well as egg-laying chickens as well as turkeys. Such a flu had brought about cost spikes in egg and turkey prices while it cost the federal government beyond $660 million.

Within the beginning tests, there have been about 10 condors that were vaccinated with about 0.016 fluid ounces. This occurs through a beginning injection and then 21 days after, a booster shot. There are just around 60% of birds with an amazing quantity of antibodies that anticipate for protection from avian flu.

As of yet, the bird flu trial progress is down to display wildlife officials to proceed as two dozen vaccinated condors into California and Arizona at the end of the year.

The government is looking for more results, despite deciding whether or not free-flying condors how to capture and inoculate. As of yet, the condors also have too much exposure to the West Nile virus.

Condors are known to be tied to Native American tribes all over the West, while it’s likely considered by tribal members to be similar or even beyond the intellect of humans. The condor has disappeared from the Yurok Tribe’s ancestral lands in North California, from beyond the 1800s. The Avian flu as a result has been deeply devastating to various members of the tribe. The vaccine and study, is likely coming in handy to prevent a repeating scenario of the devastation.

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