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San Jose Police Busted Million Dollar Drug Scheme

You are currently viewing San Jose Police Busted Million Dollar Drug Scheme
The police arrested two suspects on July 14th.
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The San Jose Police Department has noticed an increase in drug activity during their patrols lately. They began investigating this to get to the route of the issue. They wanted to find out where these drugs were coming from. Their investigation led them to two suspects whom they busted for possession of drugs and weapons. They valued the seizure of illegal items as nearly one million dollars in street value. The two suspects were found with piles of pills and all different varieties of drugs. They were also found with guns and cash.

A few midnight patrolling officers reported increased amounts of narcotic and fentanyl related arrests and incidents. This was passed along to higher-ups and triggered the start of the investigation.

The two suspects were 24-year-old Omar Box and 19-year-old Laneyia Santos.

The suspects were arrested on July 14th in the evening. There was suspicion of trafficking of drugs and weapons which is what lead to police entering the suspect’s home.

The police were correct in their suspicions. Upon entering the home, they found an immense number of various drugs and weapons. There were approximately 28,000 Adderall pills, 1,000 fentanyl pills, 30 pounds of marijuana, 40 grams of cocaine, 3 ounces of meth, multiple different guns, ammunition, and about $12,000 in cash.

Based on the number of drugs and weapons, the police estimated that the number of narcotics and guns found was worth $1 million. They believe these two people are responsible for the increased amount of narcotic activity that they have seen around the city. They place blame for numerous overdose deaths on the two suspects.

Bail for both suspects has been placed at $5 million.

They two have been charged with possession of illegal narcotics and unlicensed weapons, as well as trafficking both drugs and weapons.

San Jose’s Detective Balala of the Gang Investigations Unit is leading the case and asking that any tips be sent in to You can also send in tips via their app, P3TIPS, or by calling (408) 947-7867.

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