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How to Pick the Right Car Shipping Service

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Open transport is just one of our amazing services!
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When you need to move a car over a long distance, you need to pick the right method for you. Some people choose to drive their cars or hire someone to do it for them. Others choose a car shipping company to haul their vehicle. If you’re in the latter camp, you’ll need to make sure you pick the right car shipping service for your vehicle. Auto transport companies like ours often have a variety of services you can choose from that fit different situations. Here’s how to choose the right auto transport service for you:

Ask yourself: Am I worried about damage to my car’s exterior?

Many people ask us to guarantee the safety of their car’s exterior while we ship their car. They don’t want any scratches, chips, or even water damage to their ride’s excellent paint job. If this sounds like you, you’ll want to go with enclosed shipping. With this service, your car will be completely secure in a protective shell. Nothing’s going to get to your car with enclosed transport!

Am I worried about my budget?

The only downside of enclosed shipping is that it costs more than its counterpart, open shipping. This is because there’s less room on enclosed carriers, so we will be less efficient with our hauling. With open transport, however, we can be more efficient, and we pass the savings that that efficiency allows onto you! If your worries are more about your bank account than your car’s paint job, this is the way to go. Of course, we’ll do everything we can to keep your car safe during open shipping, too!

Then pick a great car shipping add-on service!

Between open and enclosed transport, we’re sure that you’ll find a service that works for you. However, we also know that some people may need a little something extra. So, we made add-ons to either service that you can ask for! Do you need us to ship your car immediately? We can expedite any order, ensuring it gets to its destination in no time. Want the most convenient service that a car shipper can offer? Our door-to-door service ensures that you won’t have to lift a finger for us to handle your car with professionalism. With San Jose Car Transport on your side, you’ll always be able to get the perfect service for your vehicle.

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