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Google Searches For Answers Amid Relocation Crisis

You are currently viewing Google Searches For Answers Amid Relocation Crisis
Google is searching for answers about “how to relocate” in the midst of tech layoffs!
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Google has to refresh their search query, because they might be coming across a dead end.

As it turns out, they’ve been having second thoughts about starting construction on a huge campus in San Jose. But with the way tech has been affected in the past months, many are curious if the project, called “Google West” is going to be hidden behind a 404 wall. In addition, the project has had about 80 acres that were dedicated to it, surrounding Diridon Station. Yet, if the project hits a snag and gets delayed, that might translate to tragedy, as San Jose will be forced to wait in order to receive millions of dollars of community funding, previously promised by Google. The company themselves have already begun clearing the way for the aforementioned Google campus. But now that almost seems unnecessary. To demolish buildings only to make way for a mega project that might not even totally materialize? How ridiculous.

The project is supposed to cover about 7.3 million feet of office space, as well as 5,900 homes and plenty of shops and restaurants as well.

But for Google to backtrack? For shame.

The Downtown West Development Director of Google said in a public statement: “We’re working to ensure our real estate investments match the future needs of our hybrid workforce, our business and our communities. While we’re assessing how to best move forward with downtown west we’re still committed to San Jose for the long term.”

However surprising, the mayor is not impressed. As long as Google still invests in San Jose, it’s a pretty solid idea. But all in all, it’s not likely to be anytime soon that more ground will be broken. Reports are constantly being updated with the fact that Google has been giving the city millions as a part of the project.

As evidenced, 7.5 million has been provided to Google in thanks for the assistance with housing and jobs alike for this new mega community. Also Google is required to fork over $155 million for community funds. This will help out the folks that are displaced by the project. But until the new employees move in, no charity donations are being given out.

This all comes hot on the heels of Google laying off around 1,600 workers all over the Bay Area. So it’s a little concerning to say the least. But at least Google has interest, based on the state awarding VTA $375 million to extend Bay Area’s Rapid Transit (BART) system.

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