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Mazda CX-90 Is A Powerful Inline-Six Engine

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Mazda is in an interesting shift of their existence being that they are now dedicated to place themselves between every day consumer and luxury auto buyer. In this particular case the latest offering from Mazda in the 2024 CX-90 is honestly the best example of uniting the best of both worlds. With all the upgraded power trains and advanced design choices you could ask for, the SUV is set to swap out the CX-9 as it arrives at dealerships this spring.

The new flag ship model for Mazda SUVs has so much going for it!

To begin with the new CX 90 has so many different changes such as a 340 hp in-line six engine. As well as a huge refresh in underpinnings and appointments alike. With all the aesthetic options that you have to choose from when configuring your Mazda CX-90 your needs you will be impressed by all the available choices that come with the brands own ambition to reach premium status.

Premium style tends to rate better amongst commuters over the boxy and rugged look that you may very well seen in the other competitors of the three row SUV marketplace. As far as Mazda leadership is concerned the biggest goal is to allow people a safe and exciting experience in their latest cars of the future, today!

Mazda remains quiet about the physical dimensions though it must be known that the CX 90 is much wider and larger then it’s predecessor in the CX-9. However, the inside of the car is not necessarily as comfortable as one would expect from Mazda.

Another drawback of intense focus on the design is how with the thick D pillar blocking visibility. For the driver, it tends to seem a little cramped inside the Mazda SUV. However, configure your model right and there is a likelihood that you could fit up to eight passengers within the car.

Other stand out features include an infotainment scree, set up on the dashboard at about 12.3 inches. Unlike other infotainment screens in this car category, the Mazda CX-90 possesses physical buttons and knobs dedicated to adjusting the radio as well as the system of climate within the vehicle.

We all know that the standard engine is a 3.3 L turbocharged in-line six delivering everywhere 340 hp to create 369 pound feet of torque… but I wonder if you knew that without sacrificing performance Mazda has yet again done it again by creating a hybrid option. The E-Skyactiv plug-in hybrid utilizes Mazda‘s very own 2.5 L four-cylinder engine as it is directly tied to the electric motor processing 17.8 kWh of battery life in order to deliver virtually the same amount of torque in 369 pound feet through 323 hp!


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