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Mental Health Crisis Cared For After Santa Clara Pours Wallet In

You are currently viewing Mental Health Crisis Cared For After Santa Clara Pours Wallet In
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Santa Clara County had invested millions of dollars into the mental health programs. This all has to do with making sure that the local community is helped by the workers in order to  best address the type of statewide crisis that is plaguing the local community.

As it turns out, there was a unanimous vote on the part of the board of Supervisors as they approved about $9.5 million to keep up with a bunch of mental health programs, like the residential treatment services during the Tuesday meeting. The nearby officials themselves have vowed to spend around $14 million to generate 38 full-time jobs in support of mental health programs for seniors, families and LGBTQ residents

It’s an effort to strengthen their emergency and mental health response. This has been a plan for some while.

Bringing on more programs in a launch, will continue in a $9.5 million rise, while it launched in the last year with a $4.6 million investment.

Such programs like these also include a delivered $2.3 million that would usually be redirected to The Camp Recovery Center, well-known as a Scotts Valley-based addiction treatment center, in order to best give substance use residential treatment services for youth. 

The vote Tuesday would add about $300,000 to the contract.

Around $930,000 was given to A&A Health Services, well-known as a mental health service provider in San Pablo for a 24/7 residential treatment service.

Additionally, county officials had given in about $1.6 million to stop people with mental health issues from the likelihood of dipping themselves into a homeless state. Recruitment and retention efforts are also being invested in.

The County keeps struggling with the ongoing substance use crisis and mental health dilemma while the nearby officials had to declare a mental health emergency in Santa Clara County within the last month, while referencing a record upgrade in suicides and drug overdoses, there had been an insufficient number of beds in treatment facilities as well as the overuse of prisons as a “last resort” all in need of treatment.

Otto Lee, known for leading the efforts, had to handle the efforts with the help of Susan Ellenberg while addressing the needs.

The new investments that were proposed will allow assistance for the county to go beyond it’s limits in order to better expand the needed resources.

Such investments will put them in the position to let others connect to the resources and services they need most. Santa Clara County is hoping to continue state funding on all levels while adding treatment beds.

These upgrades to Santa Clara’s mental health programs will add 12 mental health peer support workers, 10 mental health workers and five psychiatric social workers to assist.

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