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Chevrolet Colorado Rumored To Be Priced At $30,000 For 2023

You are currently viewing Chevrolet Colorado Rumored To Be Priced At $30,000 For 2023
Chevrolet is releasing the Colorado for a pricey rate.
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Leaks are a pain in the rear-end, aren’t they? As it turns out, there’s been a leak for the Chevrolet Colorado. According to the Internet, there’s word that the Chevrolet Colorado of 2023 is set to cost around $30,000. This is major news for fans of the pickup truck as General Motors have apparently been interested in raising the price of the vehicle noticeably.

Yet, this is all in concern of how the midsize pickup will be loaded with additional charges, just the destination charge alone is set at about $1,495 as a destination charge. Without that, the basic Colorado WT is prices at about $30,695. With such a price, you can acquire the pickup truck you desire with rear-wheel-drive and 237 horsepower, as well as a 2.7-liter turbocharged I4 engine. But to include the vehicle with a WT trim and a Turbo Plus engine, you’ll be able to acquire an additional 73 horsepower from that exact same engine. Place about $3,300 upon the four-wheel drive with each engine on the WT. The WT trim is standard with new features like the 17-inch steelies, 11.3-inch center touchscreen and eight-inch Driver Information Center screen.

Shifting towards the LT, the pricing can range from around $33,095 for 2WD with the 2.7 to $37,840 for an LT and 4WD and the Turbo Plus engine, all while you can acquire the Turbo High Output engine. It’s not quite as strong as the off-road models with the new Trail Boss enters with 18-inch all-terrain tires, as well as an off-road performance display, complete with four selectable drive modes, lifted suspension and even a two-speed transfer case.

The Chevrolet Colorado Is a Pickup Truck that will pick up your expenses.

Shifting upwards to the Colorado Z71 will show an increase in the price tag at about $41,395 for four-wheel drive. With the Turbo Plus included, there’s also a strength that will be seen with $395 to acquire even more powerful engines. The ZR2 is relatively close in style to the Trail Boss, with 18-inch all-terrain tires, LED exterior lighting and black interior with red accents.

The strong Chevy Colorado is sure capable but being split into two “trims” with a wide price gap in between is pretty frustrating. All while it’s only the widest chassis and highest-performance suspension you could ever assume in a General Motors’ vehicle. The 2023 Colorado is arriving at dealerships in the first half of 2023. If you are interested in this pickup truck, keep in mind you’ll have to save up thousands of pretty pennies.

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