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Acura Integra Appears Fantastic In Three SEMA Tune-Ups

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The Acura Integra is no joke.
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The Acura Integra is coming to the USA for the first in over twenty years. While it is also timely enough for the sport compact vehicle to come back into the limelight as of recent tuner culture. It can be easily seen that there isn’t a larger space for aftermarket products such as in the SEMA show or Specialty Equipment Market Association show. It is an annual celebration of automotives and the aftermarket market combined. And as it turns out, Acura joins the ranks of three different personalities in the tuner community with hopes that they can each make their own custom 2023 Integra. Such involvement includes the Coco Zurita, the Daijiro “Dai” Yoshihara and Sara Choi models.

So what can be said about each?

Coco Zurita used his experience as a pro BMX-er and drifter to inspire the aesthetic of his Acura Integra with homage from race-car style and additives. Such as various powertrain mods, an aftermarket HPS cold-air intake and an upgraded Wilwood six-piston pair of front brakes as well as RSR Sport-I coil-overs. Additionally, there’s a body kit by Autotuned, a MOMO six-point harness and a steering wheel with NGR quick release. Now, isn’t that just so special?!

Dai Yoshihara has a Formula Drift win and an award from Pikes Peak International Hill Climb under his belt and just as so, uses his classic desire for the Integras from the 80s and 90s to show off his sporty attitude in the most pleasing of ways. This begins with the aftermarket powertrain upgrades seen in the Spoon air filter and exhaust with a StopTech ST-40 big brake kit. Also, the body has multiple parts fitted in from EVS with fender flares and rear wing attachments by Voltex. Meanwhile, what you’ll love about the interior is that there are even more EVS parts, such as a shift knob, a carbon center console and door panels. It’s just charming! Absolutely!

Finally, the third of these custom-built Acura Integras meant for the U. S. of A. comes from Sara Choi. A wunderkind-gearhead since the age of 15, she expressed herself with artistic flair in the design of her Integra. Utilizing a Sports Touring cat-back exhaust system, Choi also involved an aftermarket intercooler and oil cooler from GReddy. Additionally, the coilovers have support from Advan RSDF 19-inch wheels paired well with Nexen Sport R Tires. To top it all off, the body kit, designed by Choi and Walter Kim as well, has a wrap of glossy pearl white that is just divine. So you know you’ll love it from the moment you step in. The steering wheel comes in the form of a Dogfight Race Pro 380mm unit.

You can spot all three of these 2023 Acura Integras on display at the SEMA show of November 1st through 4th. They’re also making appearances at the Los Angeles Radwood on November 19th, as well as the following year from April 14th to 16th at the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach. This is good to do when you want to see the latest Acura vroom off into the exciting sunset.

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