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Downtown West To Be Powered By A Microgrid By Google

You are currently viewing Downtown West To Be Powered By A Microgrid By Google
Google is building an electric grid.
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Google, being well-known as the tech giant they are, is starting to open the new super complex in downtown San Jose, as evidenced by the brand new electricity grid that they are ever so riven to create. It’s going to be helpful for the needs of many as it will power Google’s very own San Jose office, known to all as Downtown West. Additionally, businesses and even homes are going to receive a lot of power. Certainly, it will be an interesting detour from the usual plans made by businesses and even new homes. Of course, there’s also plenty of capital costs that are getting covered . It will in turn turnover the infrastructure over to a new utility. The city is going to compensate for it with managed operations, maintenance and capital improvements.

Google themselves are making the microgrid. It’s going to cover all of the upfront capital costs. Additionally, it will end up turning over the infrastructure over from a new utility that the city will form and manage operations, maintenance and capital improvements. Google has plenty of capital costs in order to get paid back over time by ratepayers such as Google and plenty of other businesses. The microgrid will likely be ready by 2027 and will hit full capacity of 7.8-10 megawatts by 2035.

Downtown West San Jose is a great space to make it happen.

This will be a major money saving move on utility taxes and other costs as they produce their own power. Thanks to Mayor Sam Liccardo, there’s been plenty of exploration for the use of microgrids, specifically because PG&E had infrastructure that will be something similar to a lightbox for the rest of the city. Google is definitely going to be benefitting here with all of the perks. However, it certainly is easy to tell that San Jose is advancing as a city.

Work happens to continue in order to remodel the historic building from inside Google’s very own transit-oriented village from downtown. This is an indication if anything that several components are in desperate need of a change. All according to documents on file with the city planners.

The building itself is meant to be one of the gateways for Google’s mixed-use neighborhood, where there is supposed to be a sprout not far from the Diridon train station as well as the SAP Center upon the western edges of downtown. All at the historic Water Company building over at 374 West Santa Clara. Additionally, the annex that was there before is not present anymore.

Google is cooperating with Lendlease to co-develop the Downtown West neighborhood, which is likely to give off a huge transformation to the area of San Jose.

Lendlease wishes to help out Google by developing the new district on their behalf. In turn, it’s likely to bring office buildings, shops, homes, restaurants, entertainment hubs and even cultural loops all to downtown. There are even hundreds of homes that can join the new neighborhood.

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