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Bugatti Shows Two Additional Paint Jobs For Chiron Sur Mesure Model

You are currently viewing Bugatti Shows Two Additional Paint Jobs For Chiron Sur Mesure Model
With the new bespoke division of Bugatti, Sur Mesure, customers are taking the chance to customize their Chiron models to look amazing!
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In Late 2021, Bugatti was able to run their own bespoke division. For the first time, Sur Mesure delighted the crowds. This allows the customers to customize their 200-plus-mph to go extra smooth, fast and stylish with a custom paint job, courtesy of Sur Mesure. The original product of the Sur Mesure program involved a baby-blue-colored Chiron Pur Sport, complete with red accents honoring Louis Chiron at the 1931 French Grand Prix with a Bugatti Type 51.

What’s so special about these paint jobs anyway?

Well they’re custom! And they’re on new lines of Bugatti vehicles; the likes of which we haven’t even properly appreciated yet… Until now. Oh so glorious.

Bugatti has revealed more Sur Mesure vehicles, such as Chiron Pur Sport and a Chiron Super Sport, each hand-painted to recreate the way of Bugatti having a precise design of body panels to show how the “marque’s hyper sports cars reflect light.”

Bugatti likes to be French about it and call the custom paint jobs “light waves” or “Vagues de Lumière.”

Coming from Bugatti, this is a big deal. The Chiron Super Sport happens to be one of the first in the Super Sports line to arrive to customers. It’s also with a base finish of California Blue.

An orange-like hue arrives in swooping lines of Arancia Mira (or, the aforementioned orange color.) The color sits well on top of magnesium wheels and a leather interior also. A number 38 can be inscribed on the horseshoe grille, as a request from the carbuyer. The 38 is also in Aranicia Mira.

In spite of the large back wing, the Chiron Pur Sport has a less loud blue-on-blue paint job. You may note the body as being blue carbon. Meanwhile, the stripes that flow around the hypercar happen to give off a light Nocturne blue color. Both end plates on the rear wing hold the French flag with a number 9 on the grille.

Both paint schemes on the Chirons took about five weeks each and had been hand-painted upon. So they did good at the Sur Mesure bespoke company. Even if the orange one is a little noisy with color.

What About Inside The Car? The Interiors! The inside decks out in a combination of French Racing Blue leather and Beluga Black. It really is quite impressive.

You might notice the most fascinating color palettes here with what Bugatti has to offer! It really is quite revolutionary how far the car company has come with paint jobs, and certainly must be a delight for Bugatti to give back to the customer what they’ve always wanted. Not a bad job, Sur Mesure.

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