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Speed Enforcement Cameras Are Installed Thanks To The State Bill

Speed Enforcement Cameras Are Installed Thanks To The State Bill
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According to the California Assembly’s transportation committee, there has been an unanimous vote to advance Assembly Bill 2336, where there would be an authorized automated speed enforcement cameras. Speed enforcement cameras can typically be used along roads in order to measure car speeds while also taking pictures of license plates. This bill is on the way to appropriations committee.

Automated speed enforcement cameras will also mail tickets to offenders. Beyond 150 communities allow for speed enforcement cameras all according to the Insurance Institute for Highways Safety— which in itself, is well-known as the IIHS. Mayor Sam Liccardo has had a lot to say in regards to traffic. “We’ve seen a horrific increase in auto related deaths and we know from our data (that in) 30% of those auto fatalities, speeding constituted a key factor of that collision.”

Speed Enforcement Is A Necessary Thing To Watch Out For.

It’s definitely necessary to get a speed enforcement camera bill passed to make sure that cars are driving safely. “There are other means of reducing speed-based traffic collisions that do not implicate privacy and equity. Yet rather than center these approaches, the bill instead relies on surveillance, automated enforcement and increased ticketing.” Becca Cramer-Mowder has very strong opinions. She’s an advocate for ACLU California Action.

San Jose has a Zero program that has launched in 2015 that wants to handle traffic-related deaths and injuries. Sine individuals like Jesse Mintz-Roth believes it’s a vulnerable time. “Older adults are our most vulnerable road users. We would be well served to have cameras operational during a lot of the day, and also on our priority safety corridors—many of which do not run directly by schools—where 30-40% of fatal and severe injuries occur in most years.”

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