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Hennessey Ram TRX’s Speed Limited By Finland to 56 MPH

Hennessey Ram TRX’s Speed Limited By Finland to 56 MPH
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When you look at the ordinary Ram TRX truck, this vehicle is able to rev up to speeds of 118 miles per hour. Which in turn, translates to 190 kilometers per hour. So if that’s a given, why is it that the same model, tuned up by Hennessey Performance, should not be truly able to move any faster?

The Mammoth TRX is subjected to 44.8 percent Finnish import tax which can also make it easy to register as a five-seat passenger vehicle. It’s not the most reliable speed limit on the truck company. The Hennessey truck has better odds than the competition to outlast the other pickups on the docket.

The Hennessey Ram TRX is unlike any other truck on the aftermarket!

The pickup truck has 7,802 pounds. N2 class vehicles need to be imported and registered while not paying for the hefty import tax. Hennessey Mammoth 1000 TRX vehicles are able to get to new limits. The vehicle is going to push costs to a new height of $277,000 with the current exchange rates.

According to their website, the Mammoth 1000 Upgrade has a Supercharger Front Drive Pulley Upgrade, a Heavy Duty Supercharger Belt, an HPE ECM Calibration Upgrade, some Hennessey Embroidered Headrests, and 2 Year / 24,000 Mile Warranty. This vehicle is able to outperform the competition amazingly. As a result, this allows for total driving capacity beyond your wildest pecepective. It has a Stage 2 packaging that allows for custom bumpers, LED lights, and a 37-inch off-road set of tires with upgraded electronic folding steps.

The 2.65L supercharger and a strong high-flow induction system with performance-boosting calibration. From which, the V8 truck is able to snag an 11.4-second quarter mile at 120 miles per hour.

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