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Local Museum Allows Children To Get Vaccinated For Free Admission

Local Museum Allows Children To Get Vaccinated For Free Admission
Children's Discovery Museum is letting kids in there for FREE with vaccinations.
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To begin with, the local museum being the Children’s Discovery Museum is very lucky to have a great policy. This is according to the Local Museum Executive Director Marilee Jennings. She says that there’s a large concern for parents taking a wait-and-see attitude. There is even a vaccination clinic. This would be an opportunity to get free admission for families into the local museum. There will be an additional clinic on January 23rd. Jennings goes on to say that “These clinics and the museum visit just felt like the right combination,”

Jennings says “This museum serves families. Being able to leverage what we do best for the greater good is hugely important to us.” There will be another clinic in January and perhaps another in February. Even in March.

Local Students Allowed In for Fun!

California is setting itself up for success with the youth of K-12. Additionally, the students are already having vaccines and also are trying to stay safe from COVID-19. The in-person classes are also pending. But the facts are is that vaccination rates for Santa Clara County can only go up.

From December on, more than 37% of ages 5-11 and 89% of ages 12-17 are full of vaccinations to battle COVID-19 in the county.

Almost 82% of many ages are totally vaccinated, with the difference being those in Medi-Cal. Only about 63% of the Santa Clara Family Health Plan Med-Cal members are fully vaccinated, in ages 12+.

Finally, Sarah Rudman is the assistant public health officer for Santa Clara County. And in her opinion, the county is trying to get to the places where people need the vaccines the most. “Our hope is being creative in these collaborations, down to fun places to be like museums, allow us every opportunity to make it easy and even fun to go get vaccinated.”

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