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Lancia Delta Evo Revitalized As An EV-Centric Rally Car

You are currently viewing Lancia Delta Evo Revitalized As An EV-Centric Rally Car
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When you look at the vehicles that are exceeding high speeds at such world-famous races like the FIA World Rallycross Championship, you expand your mind. This includes thinking about such cars like an electric version of the Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evo. In which case, it’s designed as a chassis that was a major competitor in the 1990s, essentially in the form of a rallycross car. However, the GCK motorsports firm from France believes that they have what it takes to give the car a makeover.

Specifically as a retrofit of the Delta Integrale. This involves the Exclusiv-e retrofit package. In which case, the Evo vehicle has to disembowel the internal combustion engine in order to go electric. The EV’s powertrain is able to be provided from Kriesel Electric. That of which can supply the powertrain for the class. In which case, the electric vehicle powertrain is most likely being able enough to produce about 671 horsepower with a combined 649 lb-ft of torque. Furthermore, the brand has a history of fielding so many Renault models from the past Rallycross championships. In which case, this also supplies power for the FIA RX2e championship.

These also result in all-electric Rallycross Championships for 2022. There are also additional entrants that would base on things that you might figure. Such vehicles like the Euro Hatchbacks from Ford and Skoda. The GCK version is always going to be on the good side of individuals who may see the vehicle reignited.

Could competition arise from this? Who is to really know. The thing about the Lancia brand is that it has long been respected as a brand of car that only the Europeans can improve. Isn’t that good enough? To observe from afar? This all tends to check out in the grander scheme of things when you really consider that.

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