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Hiring Experiences Hunted For By The Denizens Of Town

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A shortage of labor is running rampant around town. And if it wasn’t already obvious, the hiring shortage could be solved. Solved by something as simple as paying employees more money. However, “more” cannot always be so readily accessible. Within the restaurant industry, budgets tend to strain over the increased costs of ingredients because of widespread shortages. However, this can’t possibly pass ver to costs on customers. In which case, the answer cannot be so simple.

The short-staffed stress of the employees in the building comes in during dinner hours. And of course, “everyone’s a little on edge.” Some people tend to believe that working two days to one day is fine enough. The minimum wage would increase starting rates. However, the real dilemma lies in cutting back on hours at a couple of establishments. Having a livable hiring wage may not be the only factor for workers who may have various job choices.

The changing climate of the work conditions during the pandemic and the clientele could very well be why the restaurant industry has been suffering since. Adapting to outdoor dining would add even more physical labor than one would anticipate. Labor shortages cannot really be an issue across the board.

There are people who run coffee shops on the southside of town, on Santa Teresa Boulevard, where many hiring applications come to life after the shelter in place where orders lift. There may be about two inquiries a day about open positions, but the stable workforce adds to the flexibility of the coffee shop hours.

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