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Volkswagen Becomes The ID4 AWD Which Is To Be In A Rebelle Rally!

Volkswagen Becomes The ID4 AWD Which Is To Be In A Rebelle Rally!
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Volkswagen has decidedly thrown their hat in the ring with the all-women rally taking place in California. This is happening with their latest model being the ID4 AWD Pro electric SUV. This will be the first Rebelle Rally the company takes a role in. Thankfully, the company has maintained the experience from taking the ID4 into the NORRA Mexican 1000 competition. Certainly, the company is approaching Tanner Foust Racing as well as Rhys Millen Racing in an effort to change the stock SUV into an off-road machine. The modifications meant to be made include creating tubular control arms, skid plates, and plenty of other modifications.

Do you almost have to wonder why Volkswagen didn’t do this sooner?

Firstly, I mean, it’s great that Volkswagen is taking the lead in this. The SUV is supposedly going to be capable enough to go off-road and handle such add-ons as a Yokohama Geolander set of A/T tires. This isn’t your usual starter pack in what dealers may have in their accessory catalog. The powertrain itself is unflinching. With the 82-kilowatt hours battery pack going to the two motors’ combo peak output of 295 horsepower as well as 339 lb-feet of torque.

Another aspect of the latest Volkswagen to consider is that there are about 249 miles of EPA range enabled as it crosses the Rebelle Rally. This race in particular being a women-centric race. Likely, there will be the known favorites, Mercedes Lilienthal and Emily Winslow. Those two have been able to participate on the races beforehand. The rally takes place from October 7th through 16th of this year. And it’s sure to be a doozy. We will be hotly anticipating Volkswagen to be a welcome competitor in this rally for the fastest and cleanest cars around town. Consider taking a good glance at it whenever you can.

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