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Fering Pioneer Vehicle Has Fabric Covering It’s Offroading Exterior

You are currently viewing Fering Pioneer Vehicle Has Fabric Covering It’s Offroading Exterior
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If you’ve ever seen a car with a fabric body, it’s certainly an anomaly. The vehicles have crazy exposure to the elements. And when the cars happen to expose themselves to plenty more than that, perhaps it requires a sturdy exterior. Enter the Fering Pioneer.

This British vehicle has possibly the most intriguing backstory. Being that the Pioneer is the brainchid of Ben Scott-Geddes. He, who in particular has been working on hypercars for quite a while.

The Fering Pioneer has electric motors that are powered on by axles turning appropriately, by which manner, power is drawn from a 20 kilowatt-hour battery.

This therefore bring supplemented by a range extender. Such a range extender happens to be found in an 800CC three-cylinder diesel engine. Similar actually to those used in the Smart City Cars. Additionally, the battery pack and the range extender happen to be modular. In which case, they’re capable of so much. Not to mention, the range extender is even able to swap out, depending on what needs the operator displays.

The powertrain happens to be eclipsed only by the very dubious nature of the truck’s skin. Such a fabric is ever-durable, with water-resistant Gore-Tex. This is what Fering Pioneer is more than able to allow itself to do. The Fabric is able to stay tight. However, it already is experiencing cyclical stretching.

The replacement fabric happens to be relatively cheap. Some engineering prowess has entered the early stages with all of this. And for the record, Fering Pioneer seems to be the type of model that needs more than heavy-duty tires and washable fabric to solve it’s woes.

Furthermore, the machine-washability is almost effortless to hose down as sheet metal. Should the fabric spare anything, it would be the general wear-and-tear undergone by the outer elements. Fering Pioneer surely doesn’t know what it’s getting itself into.

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