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Protest Is Planned over New Parking Site for People Living in Vehicles

You are currently viewing Protest Is Planned over New Parking Site for People Living in Vehicles
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A protest in a Northern city in a West Coast state is being planned against a new safe parking site meant for people living in their vehicles. However, it is not getting a warm welcome from people who live in the area. The temporary site on City-owned property in a local area building. Moreover, the neighbors have said the location is too close to two parks.

Protest from Locals who are Far From Happy about This Development of the Parking Site

In fact, the site is scheduled to open on Tuesday, which is happening despite efforts from residents in San Jose already living there. It could hold up to 20 vehicles. Those assisting in establishing the temporary safe parking site explained. It could, in fact, equate to dozens of people.

Homeless People Really Need Support and Affordable Housing

“It’s tragic. These people have lost a lot of their resources over the time that they’ve been unhoused,” Andrea Urton said. Urton is CEO of the non-profit HomeFirst Services of a nearby county. “Unfortunately, there is stress on them physically and in addition to them mentally. So, therefore, they need more support and we need more affordable housing.”

Urton said HomeFirst is going to help assist at the location. “In fact, we will have case managers on this particular location. Therefore, we’ll be able to connect people to those necessary, pertinent resources, whether it’s medical, whether it’s benefits,” she described. “Really helping people apply for their IDs, things like that. That’s crucial.”

Urton said the residents will be relocating from a lot along Component Drive, where Apple plans to put its North San Jose campus.

“They will have a motel room for those that want for the next nine months. Or it will be in safe parking for those that want it,” she continued. “And then Apple is offering nine months of temporary housing and 12 months of case management.”

In fact, HomeFirst is going to working with several organizations and city officials to really make this happen for the group of unhoused people.

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