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Geo Metro Convertible Of Terrible Quality Sold For Many By Auction House

Geo Metro Convertible Of Terrible Quality Sold For Many By Auction House
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There has been a bright blue 1992 Geo Metro Convertible sold at the RM Sotheby’s “Handle With Fun” online auction. This auction has been able to feature some rare and vintage collectibles such as gumball cross-country racing machines. Subcompact cars like the Geo Metro Convertible wouldn’t get so easily sold. But the silver-spoon auction house is no less handling the sale well. The Geo has been listed as part of a sale for $3,700. Yet the owner has had 31 bids for the tiny convertible for owner number two. At $4,000, the topless two-door car has a clean Carfax report with a listing. It has only been driven less than 39,500 miles.

This Geo is a wonderfully 1990s cheap car.

The convertible has made it an ideal contestant for the Monterey Car Week’s Concours d’Lemons. Geo Metro is rebadged. The original Suzuki Cultus was made from 1989 to 2001. General Motors brought the convertible in 1990. This therefore joined in economy cars made ready with the top-down feature.

The vehicle was powered by a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine, rating at 52 horsepower and about 58 lb-feet of torque. It was sent towards front wheels with a three-speed automatic.

The only thing stopping the Geo Metro from being worse was the 32 miles per gallon in the city and 38 miles per gallon. The manual transmission had been thrifty because the EPA has about 41 mpg city and 46 highway. The fuel efficiency will be amazing.

When you have a Geo Metro like that, you simply can’t give it up. Unless if you’re planning on selling it for big bucks. That will likely happen very easily. But it’s also about what the Geo Metro convertibles, not unlike is listed by RM Sotheby’s. The Geo Metro Convertible got sold, to begin with. Isn’t this a great means of bringing the vehicle across the world to other well-deserving people? Aren’t we in a way glad that this terrible car is out of the way?