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Formula E Racing Through Rome For The Good Of Electricity

Formula E Racing Through Rome For The Good Of Electricity
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Formula E is doing the job right with a double-heading event. In Rome. there are plans to continue races every two weeks until the start of June. Formula E has the long-term commitment from Nissan and Porsche. Race-modifying the electric Mini could be indicative of the future showroom.

Formula E has plenty of scares, just like Formula One.

There had been very big crashes but in the case of the second race, there was a collision between Alex Lynn and Mitch Evans that definitely was dangerous in the sense of sending Lynn’s car upside down into the barriers. Lynn then had to be sent to the hospital. The result? Sam Bird won the race. This is to say that he was the winner. There was nothing to fear about Formula E. There were also unexpected results, as Techeetah, possibly the best team in Formula E, did the worst. They had to put the blame on the powertrain upgrade. NIO and Dragon did pretty well in race 2. This is due to Formula E and their qualifying format. You can take a look at some of the recaps.

ABB Formula E | April 4th, 2021

In 2021, the track layout has been shifting ever so constantly. The track grows even longer and there comes with it less emphasis on 90-degree turns, as well as more sweeping curves and long straights. Trends will maintain for the rest of the one race weekend. This is given that NIO did pretty good with points in the first weekend. Dragon had great pace, and they placed 4th and 5th in the second race, but now they turned out better than any race result through the whole of the last season. NIO was also able to score some points within the first weekend. BMW and Mahindra went on with a rough start, but there will be five retirements through the two races. Both of those teams qualified mid-pack, so likely Rome will present opportunities with better results.