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Program Launched to Help Small Businesses Land Contracts

Program Launched to Help Small Businesses Land Contracts
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A program is introducing to diversifying its contracts and prioritize local businesses. Our city’s Public Works Department, which awards some $4 billion in public contracts each year, is in charge of a free six-week seminar to help local businesses secure contracts.

Program: Construction Academy

Moreover, learning how to bid on construction contacts, participants in San Jose’s “Construction Academy” have the chance to build new bridges, wastewater treatment facilities and a new police training facility.

Equitable Contracting Opportunities

In fact, leading the city’s Small Business Advisory Task Force, vice Mayor Chappie Jones, said the program will create more fair contracting opportunities and keep the wealth in the local economy.

Helping the Small Business Community

“In fact, my plan is for this to be continuing. Thereby, institutionalize it where it’s a permanent part of how we do business,” Jones said. “The utmost goal is to help our small business community, our minority business community, win these contracts, in turn, grow their businesses. In fact, then to ultimately gather wealth that’s going to benefit them. As well as their employees, their families, and their communities.”

A Small Percentage of City Contracts Went to Small Businesses

However, local businesses were awarding 28% of the dollars. Moreover, last year, only 6% of city contracts went to small businesses.

Small and minority-owned businesses are getting a voice through the city’s task force advocates. This is to land contracts by gathering data to show inequities. Thus, recommending that larger projects are paring down into small contracts to giving local, small businesses a shot.

Registration for the Program

The “Construction Academy” seminar series runs from May 5 to June 16 from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. To register, go to The deadline to register for the program is April 30.

The upcoming seminars will also be translating into Spanish and Vietnamese upon request, Jones said.

To see the city’s contract job offerings, visit its bidding page.