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Hike Camper Update: Winnebago

Hike Camper Update: Winnebago
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If you’re looking over options to adventure, Winnebago offers a Hike Camper that is perfect for the occasion.

Not only is the overlanding trailer small enough for your travels, but it’s also affordable compared to most. The HIKE starts at $27,513.

The HIKE can sleep three people. The camper provides all the necessities you may need during your time away from home.

The towable build makes for convenience. The new update has made the exterior styling superb for active outdoor lifestyles.

The Hike, with a raised suspension, comes in 20-foot-eight-inch and 25-foot floor plans. The camper comes with off-road tires and heavy-duty fenders for the rougher roads.

The storage system is also super flexible. The exoskeleton allows for kayaks, bikes, and other gear tools to attach to the camper securely. This enables a more stress-free trip. The exoskeleton allows the owners to get creative with bungee cords and clips, rather than buy a Thule-branded roof rack.

In pertains to the interior, the floor plans are versatile. You can pick from five, depending on what fits with your lifestyle. What’s also a plus is that all of the plans provide a roadside slide-out. This makes more room inside when the camper isn’t in motion.

To add to more of the wow factors, the appliances all come with it. The dinette converts to a sleeping place, in addition to the bed that can sleep two.

The 25-foot models (there are two) provide an exterior cook-top and sink that pulls out alongside the camper. This is perfect for cookouts with the family!

Hike Camper Accommodates the Disabled

Yes, you read that correctly! The new and improved Hike Camper does in fact help families with a disabled family member. Ryan D’Agostino has a son in a wheelchair. He talks about what the camper did for his family:

If we need to stop at a rest stop or for food, we have to completely unpack the car to get him out, then put everything back in, go inside, come back out, unpack the car again, wheel him in, then re-re-pack. I don’t mean for this to sound like a complaint, because we’d do anything for the boy, and it isn’t really a burden, but—it’s kind of stressful, I’m not gonna lie. In the Winnebago, not having to do this was one of the biggest sources of relief.

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