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Drive-In Theaters Gain Popularity

Drive-In Theaters Gain Popularity
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Drive-in theaters are gaining a reputation as the new COVID-19 trend. They provide the safety of your home with entertainment. “Going out” is the new “staying in”.

The Drive-In Returns

Across the country, millions are staying inside under the government-sanctioned “stay-in-place” protocols. This has left many looking for a reason to go out. Heck, being stuck inside never sounds like a good time. Unless you either like the people you live with or have no problem being a shut-in, the prospect of being out at a bar or a theater is on your mind.

For families and friends alike, the drive-in is the the “new” social focal point. For those looking for a “night out”, look no further.

Providing the Safety Of Home With The Experience of a Night Out

San Jose has seen a drastic rise in drive-in ticket sales. For places like West-Wind Capitol, this has helped to save their business. While many operations across the city have fallen empty due to COVID-19, some places have found solidarity that their business will remain open.

The Drive-In provides the safest outing experience. People get into their car, pack everything necessary like snacks, drinks and blankets and get ready to see a film on the big screen. All within the safe confines of their auto.

Drive-Ins Use Every Film

With even Hollywood at a stand-still, old films are incorporating into the line-ups. Due to the classic nature of drive-ins, many of the films that are shown are typically from previous generations. With 38mm films being an outdated concept, many theaters are switching back to the old days.

With Disney, Hulu, Netflix and HBO offering extensive services packages, many are growing tired of their at-home routine and want to bust out for a nice night. Drive-ins provide the best possible experience for the best possible safety.

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