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Travel Prices Continue To Drop

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Travel prices are so low that many are looking to take this opportunity to check out different parts of the country as well as the world. Now, we here do not condone any sort of unnecessary traveling, but for those who are willing to brave the current crisis, they have seized the opportunity.

Travel Prices Are Low…Real Low

As of right now, the current round trip cost for flying from Los Angeles to Boston is approximately $200. The price has dropped by 1/3rd as to the normal price. Due to everyone staying at home during this crisis the airline industry is trying every measure to make sure people are still taking flights…despite that not being a relatively good idea.

Who Is Still Flying?

For the brave souls daring to take the trip, many are younger. For some, their income revolves around traveling. Social media influencers have been packing their bags to show you what life is like in other countries. Many have taken the opportunity to do their own intensive style of journalism.

For others, traveling to other countries is just another day. Business leaders and many others are still currently using these cheap flights to scout areas as well as maintain business operations with partners across the world.

What You Can Do To Stay Safe While Flying

One of the major benefits of traveling by plane right now is the increase in the room. From not having to sit in the middle seat, to having a lack of people overall on the plane, many are finding it relatively easy to travel. Much like commuting to work and back during COVID-19, the amount of those venturing outside of their house is low. So low, that only essential business like trucking and maintenance are currently out on the roads. The same goes for flying. The best way to stay safe is to follow these few steps:

Find Your Own Seat

This is actually pretty easy. Again, the only people who are currently flying are those who do for work. This means that there are plenty of vacant seats and even entire rows. No more middle seat for anyone. In fact, in some instances, there have only been a few people on 100+ seat planes! Remember, social distancing is key!

Wear A Mask

Face protection is one of the most important items to carry with you while traveling. Although masks are scarce, there are plenty of people making masks in their own homes and donating the proceeds to charity. Many are reusable and can be machine washed!

Bringing Hand Wipes/ Sanitizer

Continuously washing your hands with soap and water as well as carrying a large supply of hand wipes can help you when traveling under the extreme circumstances that we are in!

We get it. Although it is best to stay safe at your home, the need to continue to work is also important. If you must travel due to work, then do so carefully.

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