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Electric Cars and The Future of The Industry

Electric Cars and The Future of The Industry
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Electric cars are here to stay. With many companies rolling out their first generation of EVs, consumers are more than willing to make the switch. With many speculations as to how the industry will ebb-and-flow, consumers are interested in the changing automotive game.

Electric Cars Require Less Maintenance

Oil changes, fuel line repairs, and many other factors will inherently decline as many move away from standard combustion engines. Fewer moving parts equals fewer variables in the motor of a car. Basic Maintenence for vehicles will decrease, which can also mean that your local Jiffy Lube might take a hit with their employment. For those that stay to see the electric car market in full force, will adapt to the new and emerging trends.

Lower to Null Emissions

Emissions standards will be a thing of the past. With many states enforcing stricter emissions standards, many have already felt the noose tighten on their standard combustion vehicle. By offering an alternative in the form of tax deductions for electric vehicles, many have been able to put their old gas-powered vehicles up on the used market, and have put the down payment on a new Tesla.

Gen-1 Release of Electric Cars

Many of the big named automotive manufacturers have stepped up their electric endeavors to provide consumers with their first line of EVs. As we have yet to see many of these hit the roads, most companies are confident in the standards set by pioneering companies like Toyota and Tesla. GM, who had developed the world’s first electric car, has been hard at work reinventing not only the car but the electric motor itself. The company plans to be a major competitor to the Tesla line. Introducing 10 new electric vehicles to the market by 2021. The company has proven that owning an umbrella of the world’s leading vehicles can produce some large-scale results.

Electric Truck Market

One of the largest deterrents of the EV industry is the power output. Where most electric cars have been produced to look like toys, truck owners have been steered away. This is a legitimate excuse for not making the switch. I mean, cmon, you aren’t going to roll up to the job site with a Nissan Leaf full of lumber, are you? No. Thus, the development of tougher, longer-lasting, and harder pushing vehicle shave seen their debut. The Tesla Cybertruck, albeit goofy and angular, showed the world what electric energy can do against a standard F-150. Now, the demonstration pitted the Cybertruck in a towing match against an F-150 which isn’t the strong point of the truck as its a “hauler” and not a towing vehicle, but the idea still remains. Electric energy can boast some power.

For those in the truck department who don’t want to shell out big bucks for an impractical looking vehicle, GM has also released its efforts into its HUMMER program. The HUMMER EV outclasses the Cybertruck in almost every possible way. So for someone who is looking for all the benefits of electric in the size of a pickup, this one might just be for you. There is now a Hummer making a turn onto electric avenue says a lot about power speculation.

The Industry Is Making Strides

Over the course of a few years, the industry has made massive strides. From commuter vehicles to pickups, electric has moved into every avenue. This major flex has proven that electric is here to stay. Every year, auto manufacturers will be developing performance technology to suit market needs. Now, if only we can get used market speculation.

The efforts put forth are what dictates the rest of the industry.

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