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Sprinter Van: New Generations Home

Sprinter Van: New Generations Home
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The sprinter van has been a focal point for many with the traveler’s itch. A small and inexpensive starter for many young travelers, the van can provide all the amenities for livable space.

The Solo Tour

Purchasing large cargo vans and converting them to living space was huge in the 60’s and ’70s. Well, they’ve made a comeback. Thousands of young adults are taking their homes on the road with them, seeing new sites and experiencing new adventures. The travel lifestyle can be done in many ways and vans can provide enough space for a single individual.

Traveling By Sprinter Van: Then and Now

In the ’60s and ’70s counter culture was in full swing. Many would live in vans to tour with famous acts like the Grateful Dead, and many other psychedelic-era bands. Communities would be built on the road. Today, with technology and many other available assets, traveling can be done by a single individual. Replace the snazzy shag rug carpet for a hardwood floor and you have a small house. The high-top sprinter allows for many avenues for storage.


I have converted a multitude of Skoolies and sprinter vans. The key component to creating an effective and adequate living situation is storage. Under your bed, under the sink, creating a few spaces on the ceiling are all parts to add storage. The more storage, the better. Just don’t overpack yourself or else you’ll weigh down the van.

Sprinter Van Weight

Make sure that you are providing adequate storage for the essentials. If you plan for more than what you need, then you will find that your van is weighed down. This will drastically increase the wear and tear of the vehicle as well as affect your gas mileage. Pots and pans, clothes, first aid kids, and essential foods will go a long way in a sprinter van.

Conversion Corners

The sprinter van conversion essentially makes the van your house, so you need to be careful in the conversion process. Taking your time is one of the most important parts when starting this project. We get it, the traveler’s itch needs to be scratched, but it might be costly if you rush things too quickly. Be careful and be calm. There is a whole world to explore and waiting for the right part will only help you explore it further.

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