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Survival Advice for New Truck Drivers

Survival Advice for New Truck Drivers
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There are many obstacles that come with being a new truck driver. The days are long. The territory is unfamiliar. And, let’s face it, the road can get lonely too. So, here is a bit of advice for new drivers to help make your first six months on the road a lot easier to bear,
#1: Relax!

Sure, it sounds simple, and easier said than done. But the truth of the matter is, challenges will come up, and panicking won’t solve them. There’s also a chance you will get lost. A lot. However, stressing out will only make matters worse. Simply pull over, take a breath, and figure out where you went wrong. It might just be an easy mistake. If not, call the shipper for directions. Furthermore, if you have a CB Radio, call out to a local driver for help. More importantly, relax and regroup.

#2: Sleep is Your Friend

So, get plenty of it! Whenever you have time, rest. Power naps are good too. A little rest is better than none. When the sleep overpowers you, pull over in a safe place and get out and take a walk. A good stretch will help get the blood flowing. Try not to overload on too much caffeine or energy drinks. There is a difference between being awake and staying alert. If you need to pull over and rest, do so. If this causes you to be late, call the company. Being late is better than getting into an accident, or worse.

#3: Communication is Key

Furthermore, as a new driver you will quickly learn that things don’t always go as planned. Loading times may take longer, traffic may slow you down, or your tires might blow. The possibilities are endless. So, communication is important when on the road. Keep your cool, be honest, and let your company know what’s going on. But, don’t complain! Be as professional and develop good relationships too.

What is some advice or survival tips you can give to new truckers? Comment below.

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