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3 Quick Tips for truckers struggling to get enough sleep

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Trucking is a job that comes with many hazards, including a lack of proper sleep. Health professionals will tell you that the recommended amount of sleep is 7-9 hours every night. However, anyone in the trucking business can tell you that their job doesn’t allow for this type of schedule.

Additionally, different freight divisions will place different expectations on their drivers. Some deliveries are able to provide more downtime than others. Generally speaking, truckers are allotted a 10 hour break each day. Consequently, those who are new to the trucking world may think they can use this time period to catch up on their sleep. However, many new truckers fail to take other important tasks into consideration. This 10 hour break window also accounts for eating, showering, doing laundry, and getting groceries — all in addition to sleeping. When it comes down to it, you may be getting less time to sleep than you initially anticipated. Read on to find out more about how you can get the rest you need and still put your best foot forward while on the road.

1. Research Which Policies Work Best For You

When researching a company to work for, look into when they schedule their customer’s load times. Some customers may be flexible, while others may require loading to occur between 10am to 3pm only.

2. Understand Your Personal Body Clock

If you’ve never really stopped to consider at what point during the day you’re most productive, it’s a good idea to start learning about that facet of yourself. For instance, if you sleep better during the day, you’ll want to work for a company that has you driving at night.

3. Grab Sleep When You Can

For example, some customers may take enough time to load that you may be able to squeeze a nap in. Take advantage of moments like this.

Do you have any tips and tricks for getting sleep while on the road? Drop your advice in the comments below.

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