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Driver’s Doze Ends in Fatal Crash

Driver’s Doze Ends in Fatal Crash
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SAN JOSE, CA – A man was killed Wednesday morning in a fatal crash on northbound Highway 101. The man was a passenger in a delivery truck, which overturned on the highway, not far from McKee Road. This information comes from the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

Apparently, according to Officer Ross Lee, the driver of the truck claimed that he dozed off just before the incident. The driver reported to the CHP that they were traveling from Southern California. He and the passenger traveled for many hours before the accident occurred.

Once he fell asleep at the wheel, the truck swerved right and flipped over at the embankment. Right now, it is not clear if the passenger was wearing a safety belt during the San Jose crash or not.

By 4 in the morning, the accident blocked all the lanes of traffic on the highway. The CPH received reports of the truck just after 3:45 in the morning. Fuel spilled across the highway during the crash as well. Luckily, the rain washed most of the fuel away.

But, the rain already caused difficulties with driving Wednesday morning. As a result, multiple crashes and flooding occurred throughout the city during the morning commute.

For example, on northbound 680, a crash occurred due to an abandoned vehicle in the roadway. The crash there involved multiple drivers. Luckily, officials received no reports of injuries from this accident.

Emergency personnel diverted traffic on 101, after the fatal crash, at Alum Rock Avenue. By 6 in the morning, CHP announced that one lane was open. They cautioned drivers and encouraged them to find other routes.

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