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Another Fatal Hit-and-Run in San Jose!

Another Fatal Hit-and-Run in San Jose!
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SAN JOSE, CA – A hit-and-run crash, early this morning on the I-880 off-ramp, resulted in the fatality of an adult pedestrian woman. At 12:46 AM, the police found this woman in the middle of the street at N. First at East Rosemary, with injuries that were near fatal. After the medical team took the woman (who was in critical condition) to the hospital, she had passed away.

Detectives found the adult woman alone, with no cars in sight. Sgt.Enrique Garcia found this suffering woman with injuries that needed immediate medical attention. There was no suspect and officers were unable to ask the woman any details due to her condition.

When found, the woman was immediately taken to the hospital. Unfortunately, due to the extremity of the injuries and the time after the officers found the woman, she perished.

There is no available vehicle or suspect description.

Sadly, in San Jose alone, this woman was the twenty-second pedestrian to die from a car collision in 2018.  This is also the city’s forty-sixth car crash resulting in a fatality. there is a high rate of hit-and-run and drunk driving incidents within this city. But, prominent political figures in San Jose are finding better ways to address the issue.

The police are currently looking for any information on the incident. In addition, Detective Troy Sirmins is leading the investigation at the San Jose Police Department Traffic Investigations Unit and is hoping for anyone to come forward with information.

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