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Will Wearing a Mask Keep You Safe from the Fire Smoke? Let’s Find out

You are currently viewing Will Wearing a Mask Keep You Safe from the Fire Smoke? Let’s Find out
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Are you in the Bay Area, right now? Be careful!

If you have been outside in the last couple of days, you have probably experienced some smoke and haze. It is a result of the Camp Fire which is currently burning in Northern California. The Air Quality Index is above 150, which is higher than the average 0-50, and the county warns everyone, even healthy adults to take precautions. According to an expert, everybody is at risk.

However, people with heart or lung diseases, older adults, children, and teenagers have an extra precaution warning. It is essential to keep you and your children safe.

Californians are told to be prepared for earthquakes, and now, some more information is needed for self-protection from the wildfires which are becoming more common in the state. It means that people must learn how to monitor the smoke-filled air from raging fires and avoid breathing it.

Should I buy a mask?

For those who are wondering to buy a mask or not, the California Department of Public Health advises that most regular masks don’t usually prevent inhalation of small particles. The regular masks include those used during surgeries and dust masks.

So, What Should I do?

As you are informed, that regular masks will not work, you should consider other ways. There are the ones which will surely help. These masks will protect you while filtering up the dust for up to 95%. Check out and remember their names, maybe, they will save your or your relatives’ lives. Here are their names – P95, R95 or N95. There are even masks with more filtering features such as P100, R100 or N100, according to California Department of Public Health. Be sure to get the ones you think your area advises you to use.

The smoke around the Bay Area forces some of the area schools to be closed for several days. San Jose University even announced that its campus will be closed Thursday and Friday. They describe the situation “Unhealthy air quality levels…”

Use the right masks and stay safe!

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