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A Man Was Stabbed At Chevron Gas Station Early Thursday Morning

You are currently viewing A Man Was Stabbed At Chevron Gas Station Early Thursday Morning
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San Jose, California —A man was sent to a hospital with unknown injuries early Thursday morning after he was stabbed.

The police are investigating a stabbing after the injured man was found at a Chevron gas station.

The gas station is located in the 300 block of Bird Avenue near West San Carlos Street, according to Officer Gina Tepoorten.

At 5.15 a.m. San Jose Police responded to a ‘’suspicious circumstance’’ at the Chevron gas station. We don’t know who reported the incident to police, but we do know that they have a talent for underexaggerating things. Because, when the police arrived on the scene, they found a man bleeding out of a stab wound!

An injured man was found by the police around 5.15 a.m. According to the police, the officers found the man suffering from at least one stab wound.

Stabbed Man Taken to Hospital

Gina Tepoorten said the man was taken to the hospital. No information was immediately available about the condition of the victim.

Besides, the physical condition of the victim, the police still needs to find out his identity. They currently do not know anything about him beyond a basic physical description. Name, exact age, address; all of these remain unknowns. And that certainly goes for the suspect, too, who we know even less about due to their escape.

At this time police say they have not identified or apprehended the suspect. However, they will review security camera footage and interview witnesses to try and get a clear picture of what happened. Hopefully, that work will lead them directly to the suspect.

The police are trying to find out the details of the incident. The investigation will reveal the unknown identity of the victim. The news will be updated later on.

Police said there are no suspects at this time and the stabbing is under investigation.

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