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George Lucas Museum In San Jose?

George Lucas Museum In San Jose?
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George Lucas is seeking for approval to build a $700,000 million museum. He is planning a beautiful, futuristic building that will house his great collection of digital and other kinds of art. Lucas is going to pay all the costs of building such a museum and only needs the place to build it. There will probably be Star Wars relics as well.

Lucas already attempted to open such a museum on the Presidio in San Francisco. Because of the over-regulation, the deal with San Francisco did not happen. His next attempt was to open the museum in Chicago (his wife’s hometown). He chose a location near the waterfront, but the group called “Friends of Parks” is doing everything possible not to let the project happen. Another city that can get Lucas Museum is Oakland.

San Jose could also become a great location for the museum that can be called a gift to the world from George Lucas. The citizens think that some good locations for the museum can be found in Downtown San Jose area and Kelly’s Park. It could become an amazing addition to the city’s cultural life, and many hope that San Jose has a chance of having Lucas Museum.

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  1. Beth

    Um, this sounds AMAZING! Please let this happen. Locals will flock to this and it’s finally a reason for tourists to bring their dollars to our area. Hotels, restaurants, retail will all benefit from the added traffic. Do it!

  2. Shonna

    Lucas’ Museum sounds like an opportunity to drive tourism for San Jose and I hope they are able to come to an agreement. I think it is a sad state of affairs when regulations take over to the point someone isn’t able to do business. It’s almost like everyone wants in on a piece of the action … and action it is, as people love love love art, museums, and exhibitions. The potential of George Lucas Museum is far reaching. I do wonder about Friends of Parks. What is their issue? Art is a representation of culture and populants being cultured? Why are they trying to take that away? Do they already have the waterfront earmarked for a future park of their own? At any rate, I hope they are able to find a fitting location in San Jose for George Lucas Museum. People absolutely love art, Star Wars has a huge following of people who spend money and any Star Wars relics are sure to draw a crowd.

  3. Terrance

    This museum sounds really amazing. I’m kind of glad the other locations didn’t work out so now it can be closer to me. This will be great for the area and I’m sure will attractive a lot of tourist! Once it’s ooend I’m sure it will be crowded for a while!! 🙂

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