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March 17, 2021

The Capital of Silicon Valley “15-Minute City” Concept

The Capital of Silicon Valley has new projects. Moreover, they are reconfiguring the municipality’s urban core as a “15-minute city” that can flourish in the Corona Virus era. However, giving people the ability to live, work, play and enjoy their leisure time within a compact area is the goal of the project.

Capital of Silicon Valley: Cutting-Edge City

The point is to transform Downtown San Jose into this kind of cutting-edge city. Those development endeavors such as those proposing and crafting by Google. Westbank-Gary Dillabough team, Jay Paul Co., and Urban Catalyst are part of the development endeavors.

Capital of Silicon Valley: A Local Reality Come True

Moreover, the experts at Lendlease are working with SITELAB urban Studio are working together on projects. They developing in Downtown San Jose and other parts of Silicon Valley. Thereby, making the 15-minute city a local reality. Lendlease is a developer working with Google on many projects. SITELAB urban studio is a well-known urban design firm.

“Moreover, like many other cities, San Jose has its pockets of vibrancy. In fact, this is where not much is happening,” said Rob Deck. Therefore, he is a Lendlease executive who is the real estate company’s head of development for Google ventures. “However, San Jose is a very interesting city. “Moreover, we would like to create a 15-minute city in the areas where we are developing.”

Therefore, Google’s transit-accented neighborhood, Downtown West, is supposed to have all the components of a 15-minute city, according to Laura Crescimano, a principal executive and co-founder with SITELAB urban studio.

Easy Access to Everything in One Area

“However, everything you need is within 15 minutes of where you live,” Crescimano said. “Your house, your work, shopping, dining, parks, entertainment, playgrounds, you can walk or take a bike, and be there within 15 minutes.”

Moreover, some experts say, the 15-minute city, started in 2020 with Carlos Moreno, a France-based professor and a Paris City Hall envoy for small cities.

“In fact, contained in a compact area, the quarter-hour city, or the half-hour territory is in a semi- or low-density area, with exhilarating proximity, with availability for everyone at all times,” Moreno wrote in his blog.

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