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airpots September 21, 2018

San Jose International Airport will Test New Security Technologies

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA — The Transportation Security Administration reported this week that Mineta San Jose International Airport has been selected for pilot security technologies.

Test new perimeter intrusion detection and deterrence technologies will be tested in the airport given its active counties and surroundings. Since 2013, the surveillance cameras observed many intruders.

The most notable breaches were in 2014 April when 15-years old Santa Clara boy traveled to Hawaii in the wheel well of a plane. In August of the same year, Marilyn Hartman was able to fly from San Jose to Los Angeles without a boarding pass.

The pilot will including installing, testing, and analyzing video cameras, analytics software for detecting some security areas, laser, fence and ground sensors. Within the pilot, new radar, microwave, and passive Infra-Red sensors will be installed and deployed in the airport area.

The airport serves around 14 million passengers a year. A survey was conducted to learn the public opinion about the new technologies. Travelers agreed that the advanced technology will definitely add more confidence and ease.

San Jose International Airport is one of the two airports that were selected for the pilot. If the project is successful, it will be duplicated in other major airports.

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