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December 6, 2018

San Jose City Council Decides on Google HQ

As of Wednesday, San Jose City Council established a $110 million deal with Google for 10 acres of land. The deal upset many members of the community because of the plans to greatly modify San Jose’s downtown area.

The protests of this deal led to a closing of the council chamber and multiple arrests. The uproar was based on the lack of jobs and affordable housing and evictions that may take place.

After a debate that began Tuesday morning, and ended Tuesday night, the city council voted to bring the deal to life. It included 20,000 jobs to be provided by 2035, although the buildings and final approvals are assumed to take years.

Many opposed to the plan exhumed of evictions, raising housing costs and Google’s lack of minorities. Although, Google came forward recognizing that they could not have a headquarters that was ignoring the members of the community.

But whose side are you on?

During the meeting, while council members were ready to vote, rivals held up the meeting for an hour. Some locals even chained themselves to seats until officers had to remove them with bolt cutters.

City council members continually pressed on the advantages of the act, but opponents refused to listen. They stated that the program would bring jobs to the city and greatly increase tax revenue.  They proposed that Google, as a single growth, would give the city more room for negotiation with community aid. Many small business owners near the site are excited for the project, so they are excited about the business that they will attract.

In conclusion, Google and the city signed an agreement and the project is now ongoing. Google’s representatives look forward to proving their worth to the community.

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