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residential sites November 10, 2020

Residential Project Sites Could Turn into 200 Units of Affordable Housing

Residential project sites could produce more than 200 units of affordable housing. In fact, the affordable housing would be east of downtown San Jose near a future BART stop in what is the Bay Area’s largest city.

Residential Project Sites Are a Step Toward the Completion of the Affordable Homes

With the purchase of one of the two sites by a residential developer, this is a major step forward for the completion of the affordable homes. This is according to Santa Clara County property documents filed on November 6th.

They are located near the corner of East Santa Clara Street and North 21st Street. This is according to public records and the webpage of First Community Housing.

Affordable Housing is Near Mass Transit and Foot Traffic

According to Geoffrey Morgan, this is a great area for affordable housing. Morgan is the president of the San Jose First Community Housing. This organization’s principal mission is the development of affordable residences. Morgan says the residences have services, are transit, and pedestrian-friendly.

Purchased Properties for Affordable Housing

First Community Housing, acting through an affiliate called Stone North, has purchased the property at 995 E. Santa Clara St., county documents have shown. Moreover, the firm paid $5.5 million for the parcel, according to property records. Housing Trust Silicon Valley gave the financing for the purchase.

In addition, South Bay Sports Training & Batting Cages now operates on the site, which is approximately 0.4 acres.

Moreover, First Community Housing which already owns an adjoining parcel at 21 N 21st St. That lot, which is about 0.5 acres, is vacant.

Expanding the Supply of Housing Which is a Pressing Need for the Communities

“We want to increase our housing supply where it’s pertinent,” Morgan said.

Therefore, the two adjacent housing sites that First Community currently owns are east of downtown. Moreover, they are within a short distance from a BART station targeting to rise near Five Wounds Church.

Residential Sites Turned Into Affordable Residences

“We are getting good feedback about these projects,” Morgan said. “We are very excited to have the opportunity to continue to serve the Roosevelt Park neighborhood.”

Together, the two projects would develop into 205 affordable residences once done:

— At 995 E. Santa Clara St., First Community Housing intends to develop 125 affordable residences, Morgan said.

— The 21 N. 21st project would consist of 80 affordable residences, according to Morgan. The potential name is Roosevelt Park Apartments.

“Everyone understands how severe the housing crisis is right now,” Morgan said. “People are being generally supportive of our projects.”

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