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home charging March 30, 2020

Home Charging While In Self-Isolation

Home charging has been on the minds of many since self-isolation has been put into place. With so many now working from home, the methods of charging have changed. It used to be simple. When you were done driving for the day, you would put your car in the garage, plug it in and let it sit overnight. Now that fewer cars are being utilized and many have been sitting in one place for extended periods of time, we have put together a shortlist of optimal charging methods in order to ensure your car battery life maintains its performance.

Keeping Regular Battery Charged

While almost all standard EV’s get their power from the massive battery underneath the car, the regular components such as the radio and other electronics still require a 12-volt battery. This battery requires the same maintenance that standard ICE cars and trucks use. In order to maintain optimal performance, it is a good idea to keep the car running. Once a day, simply take the car for a spin. This doesn’t require you to get out of the car (maybe if you are ordering take-out). Daily drives around the block will ensure the battery remains charged.

Do Not Over Charge

Overcharging can be one of the most harmful things you can do to an EV. Much like your cell-phone, leaving it plugged into a charger for longer than required will often put a strain on the battery. Also much like a cell phone, these batteries are lithium-ion. This is the exact same battery that a cell phone uses and will overheat and tire out over time if not properly cared for. Most car companies will tell you that an 80% charge is the optimal capacity. Any higher and your battery will slowly lose its effective range.

Keep Car In Cool Area

Ever get into your car on a hot day and realize you left your cell phone in it? The battery life can be sapped extensively. The same thing will happen to your car if you leave it sitting in the sun too long. This might not be the case for a lot of places, but in places like Los Angeles where “Hot and Sunny” dominates the weather forecast, keeping it in the garage is the most optimal idea. These same practices go out to those who live in colder temperatures. Avoid fast charging while temperatures are below freezing. The best way is to keep your car in a relatively temperature-controlled environment.

Home Charging Sweet Spot

The most optimal way to continue the high performance of your EV is “slow and low”. This means that avoiding fast-charging stations and charging your car at home is the best method. Don’t drive your car all the way down to zero and fast charge it all the way up to 100. The best sweet spot for charging is from 25% to 75% using standard overnight charging systems like the one in your house. This, on top of keeping it in a room-temperature environment, will maintain the performance of your EV for years to come.

All of these steps can be regulated while working from home. Before and after work can be the best time to check on your vehicle while you are staying inside safe and sound. This allows you to take the time to better care for your vehicle under the right circumstances.

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