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Einride October 16, 2020

Einride Trucking Start-Up Unveiled Brand New Electric Driverless Trucks

The Swedish trucking start-up Einride has recently shown a new line of electric, driverless freight trucks without a cab that can be controlled remotely.

This Thursday, Einride put its line of Pod commercial freight trucks on display in anticipation to get on the road in 2021. Aiming their perogative at companies in transition from traditional diesel trucks, Einride thinks the new Pod trucks are the “future of freight.”

Einride‘s certain these trucks will assist companies in cutting their fuel costs by 70%. Therefore reducing carbon emissions up to 90%.

Founded way back in 2016, the Stockholm-based Einridesuccessfully made an early prototype of electric, autonomous trucks in 2019. These were intent on delivering goods on public Swedish roads. The T-Pod was given temporary regulatory approval to navigate on public roads for stretches without speeding out of their boundaries. Einride is still securing full regulatory approvals for more Pod trucks to drive on publicly, faster.

Truck driving a leading profession in the world today. But it’s running low on fuel. At the end of 2017, the U.S. were missing about 51,000 truck drivers, so says the American Trucking Association. Nowadays, there can only be less truckers. Furthermore, six percent of those U.S. truck drivers are female-indicative. That’s half of the workforce disappearing out of thin air.

Einride’s Pretty Positive This Will Work

Einride believes implementing remote autonomous truck operators will do some good, however. Through Autonomous Electric Transport (AET), the company might be able to:

  • Slash fuel/energy costs by 70% with AET solutions
  • Cut down operation costs up to 60%, increasing productivity by 200%. This being a reason to lengthen time spent autonomously driving
  • Rid CO2 all the way up to 90%

“We are excited to open up an entirely new category of jobs that will not only benefit the industries currently employees with improved hours, working conditions, and knowledge but reinvigorate a dying employment sector for the next wave of job seekers.” This is what Robert Falck, founder, and CEO of Einride. 

Einride | October 14th, 2020

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