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murder-suicide March 7, 2019

Disturbing Murder-Suicide of San Jose Mother and Her Two Sons

Police in San Jose are probing the scene of a troubling murder-suicide involving a mother and her two young boys.

Local officers were dispatched to the location around 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday. They had been alerted to a report of a suicide on the 5300 block of Dent Avenue in San Jose.

Once at the location, officers discovered an adult female and two young male children deceased in the apartment.  Homicide detectives have been busy since examining the crime scene.

Later that evening, near 10:30, the detectives officially announced they were treating the incident as a double murder-suicide. According to officials, the adult female was a mother who murdered her 4 year-old and 7 year-old sons before then ending her own life.

Detectives spotted no signs of trauma on the boys and early speculation suggests she may have used poison to kill them.

Stunned Neighborhood

Neighbor Maria Flores said, “Very lovable mother to the kids, so this is a shock.”

According to neighbors, the children lived in the apartment with both their parents. Reportedly the father had been away for several days only to return to find the two boys on a bed, and the mother deceased. Neighbors then say the father raced outside screaming for help. He grabbed the first person he laid eyes on.

Neighbor Wendy Vejar said, “I was asking what was going on and that’s when he ended up telling me that his kids were dead and the wife hanged, I don’t know, in the bathroom?

Another neighbor reportedly called the police after hearing the cries of children that he portrayed as “horrifying.”

Neighbors went on to say that the mother had recently lost her job at a nail salon and hadn’t worked since. They also noted the husband was unemployed too.

Based on conversations with the neighbors police believe the couple was suffering through marital problems.

The couple lived in the apartment complex for about three years, and their boys were always playing with the other kids. They were real fixtures among that community and it will be a struggle for everyone there to come to terms with the tragedy.

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